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Football formula .This is a folk game that no matter what age or era. Is still widely popular And easier than that We will take you back to the past. By bringing folk games into online casinos To facilitate access And use more

The game is called playing bingo. Play equipment Use the board to make a cube square. Inside is a small compartment. A lot less, according to the type of bingo Write numbers in sequence, and make sure every box is unique. With enough rubber for throwing as well as the number of openings

And there is a piece of paper for the players to play, hit in 5 squares on each side, for a total of 25 boxes. Each box is written with a unique number, with the middle box of the paper free with the cross in place of the number.

How to play

  1. Players sit in place and then throw the rubber ball into the board space with the serial number Which may be used by a single player to throw or take turns throwing different balls alternately ดูหนัง hd
  2. When is the rubber ball thrown into any number of boxes? Every player checks his or her bingo paper that they have the same number as the box number that the rubber ball dropped. If there is, put the score and mark it on the paper box indefinitely
  3. If anyone’s paper has five numbers, when? Considered that person to win bingo Must hold that paper to receive prizes from the organizer of the play Prizes may be items that the organizers have played, displayed, or other items as agreed. กันเนอร์

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